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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Finally, Kenny!

It's been so long since I've last talked about Kenny Kenny Kenny.

No, I'm not bringing him up for the sake of it. It just happened so that 2 days back I had a chat with him over MSN. It's been so long since I last saw him offline. I was appearing offline initially. But of course. When I saw him sign in, I pounced out of the bushes onto him and savaged him to the bones.


Here's the comparison of how I feel about him now and the past.

Now: My BF satisfies my needs. (Kidding. Still a virgin.) Nah, seriously, I'm past that stage. My hormones have died.

Past: I would flood his tagboard everyday.
Now: I feel too embarrassed to do that. Actually, more of I'm afraid he would forget what :frog: means when I type that.


[Instruction to BF: close your browser at this point.]


Past: I'd go around the world declaring my love for him.
Now: I just do it silently. Behind my BF's back. :)



And here are the similarities.

-I still adore him.
-I still get excited when I see him (finally) online.
-I still click on kennysia.com multiple times a day.
-I still feel shy talking to him.
-I still want to meet him one day. But...paiseh lah.
-I still think he's attractive.
-I still feel that I'm born to talk about him.
-I still...ok pretend you didn't see this:*cough* think that maybe one day *cough* I'll be his gf somehow*cough*.

Posted at 12:00 am by Red Marbles

August 25, 2006   07:32 PM PDT
poor bf.. but then again, like what angeling said, i like your post most when you talk about kenny.
August 25, 2006   12:55 PM PDT
ahh, the old DA is back, how i missed you.
Red Marbles
August 23, 2006   06:32 PM PDT
BF, I knew you would close your browser. Good boy.

Kenny, :)!

islander from then north, wow. Thanks though I think I'm more of silly.
August 23, 2006   06:17 PM PDT
haha! poor bf.
islander from the north
August 23, 2006   04:06 PM PDT
sorry, accidentally click a couple of times...
islander from the north
August 23, 2006   04:05 PM PDT
Haha, this is funny. u r cute, u know that?
islander from the north
August 23, 2006   04:04 PM PDT
Haha, this is funny. u r cute, u know that?
islander from the north
August 23, 2006   04:04 PM PDT
haha. this is funny. :) u are cute, u know that?
August 23, 2006   04:40 AM PDT
i love your post most when u talk about kenny! Do update more about and tag at his web lah! Why so shy?

Cummon DD's Bf, er.. give her some "space" for kenny ya? coz we love DD best when she talk about him. haha
August 23, 2006   12:55 AM PDT

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