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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Maybe, You're A Zombie After All


Read the comments. Beautiful and ugly people exist. But tell me, why should such idiots even appear? That empire23 person...I don't even know what words can suit him. And I wonder if he had ever helped a single soul, with that limited amount of compassion he has.

The world would be dead if everyone went, "Oh, I'm not gonna help you because somewhere out there, there's bound to be someone who needs more help than you."

Whatever shit that empire23 talked about politics, I don't care. I just can't believe that he actually made inhumane attacks to a helpless and suffering person who has blood flowing in her, just to defend for an organisation/body/system - the government.

Sometimes I just wonder where the compassion and conscience in humans have gone to. Does XX really deserve to be insulted and slammed to such an unbelievable extent? Every day? I mean, just wake up, look into your hearts and see what you're doing to a living person already! And why is it that every time a disaster strikes, people will take advantage of it? Why? You go through a disaster, you lose your family members, you're scared, and then you get raped, you get murdered.

Of course I understand that there are many more out there who are compassionate but I'm just so upset that terrible things like that can happen. I cry because there's nothing I can do to stop them from happening. I cry because I don't know how I can bring out the conscience in some humans. And I cry because I know that the world will ultimately come to an end because of humans. We like to push the blame to some terrible virus that'll wipe out the whole human race, or some global disaster, or some stupid comet that'll hit the Earth.

But tell me, how many times have a comet hit the Earth while humans existed? And how many times have wars taken place?

Humans need to show more love to others. Still, it's okay if you don't. Just don't go pushing them into hell. Maybe, you should listen to this song.

Currently, I can't help out financially in disaster-striken places. Anyway, I'm not going to just sit there and donate money so that people can do the work for me. But trust me, when I reach a suitable age of 18, I'll be the one going to help out myself.

Posted at 11:10 pm by Red Marbles
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PM See What You've Done To Me!

I want to bitch about how exams should be abolished and every thing but I won't because there's no better system than the examination system and Kenny is slogging away while I'm here ranting even though I should be slogging away as well just that of course my slogging would still be nothing to his and so to be considerate and not make this a lousy entry though it's already a lousy entry by now, I shan't bitch.

It's all PM See What You've Done To Me (in short, PMS) who's caused all this. Teach less learn more lor. KNNBCCB. Might as well teach least learn most. Even better.

What a stupid boring incoherent boring stupid bo liao boring stupid senseless entry.

I want Kenny Sia Tze Foo NOW.

Posted at 07:28 pm by Red Marbles
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Exactly What Did He Say?

Ambar filmed down Cory Doctorow's campaign in Singapore. He's a co-editor of boingboing.net, a superb site.

Due to my slow brain, and my inability to really catch what people are saying (especially Caucasians :( ), I was left clueless about the whole speech half the time while listening to the videoclips.

There's one part in one particular clip that Ambar filmed where Cory Doctorow was talking about...err...something-that-I-couldn't-catch-as-usual. And I thought I heard this:

"A penis was someone who followed instructions and if a penis was good, it was because they were accurate when they followed the instructions."

I don't think he really said that because I would expect to hear some laughter in the background if he did.

Ok, if he really did say that, it's either people were

1. too polite to laugh (then again, wasn't that meant to be funny?),
2. slow like me because before they could laugh, he'd already moved on to something else,
or 3. not understanding what he was saying at all.

Listen for yourself and tell me if I heard it wrongly.

Posted at 03:13 pm by Red Marbles
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Silent Night

This is one of the good ways to humiliate yourself. But who cares? I'm anonymous anyway. :)

I've put up the link to me singing to the song 'Silent Night'. I know it isn't Christmas yet, but I want to spread the love and peace to everyone.

I was singing pretty softly. Kindly adjust the volume to the maximum or I doubt you can hear me. Have your cup of coffee by your side, sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful piece of heaven. From me to you.

Posted at 12:03 pm by Red Marbles
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

kenny's addict: life's a bitch, but by reading ur entry....everything seems better...MUAH
kenny's addict: thanks kenny for always making my day with ur hilarious entries. U ROCK!

... ... ... ...


I don't care about the 'MUAH' part at all.


*lips start to quiver*

Why that person's name inside got one 'addict' oneeeeee.


But I cannot do anything because no one ever said that only I can call myself 'addict' in kennysia.com.

You know?

You know??



Unless Kenny announces that no one else should have 'addict' in their names except for me. :)











Posted at 11:06 pm by Red Marbles
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S - Heterosexual sex.

T - Gay sex.

P - Lesbian sex.

Q - Masturbation.

R - No such process, I hope.

STPQR - Mass orgy.

Posted at 08:37 pm by Red Marbles
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The Best Way To Ruin A Dish

Oily oily oily char kueh. But who cares? It's nice enough anyway.

But dammit, look who's here to ruin the whole dish.



The 18 generations of the wang sui population should be exterminated. They should never see the light of tomorrow for them to photosynthesise and reproduce more wang sui babies.

Posted at 02:34 pm by Red Marbles
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How Do You Keep Yourself Awake?

Caffeine does not work on me. The moment I face the files, I feel like sleeping. Damn...

I went for many training camps for my CCA in the past. The most dreaded activity was the debrief session by our seniors after a long day of tiring activities. Sometimes we get debriefed for like hours until 3am. The lucky thing is that all you have to do is appear awake and look like you're listening even if you're not.

What my squadmates and I did was to pinch one another. It would work for that moment, and when the pain subsides, our eyelids would start getting heavy again. So in the end we would go home with all the bruises on our arms. By the way, we pinch and twist the flesh of one another when they're unaware and about to doze off.

Debrief sessions are torturous because you are dammit sleepy. But the good thing is that you don't have to think. A lot of effort goes into focusing your eyes when they start to get crossed, preventing your eyeballs from rolling up with the eyelids drooping, and nodding in agreement while making sure that you don't nod off in the process.

As for now, I'm feeling sleepy, but not to the extent where I feel like I'm in camp. Irritating thing is that studying requires brain power man..............



Receiving Kenny's comments is a good way of keeping myself awake! They last longer than pinches at least.

Posted at 02:46 am by Red Marbles
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Monday, September 05, 2005
Conventional Style Of Blogging Is Still The Best

I've got nothing to say over my audioposts. I've got lots of things to blog about, but not at this time, when I'm still preparing for my exams.

I want to just update short entries that talk about almost nothing for the time being. But that would totally suck.

This is one good example of a sucky, aimless, short blog entry. How boring.

I thought of doing what Kenny did during his blogathon - answering readers' questions for him. If I had the same number of readers as he does, that can keep me going for 2 weeks. And such entries won't really take up much time (I think lah). Problem is, I have only 3 regular commenters and probably a few more regular readers. Heh...Not that there's a problem with that, but I know it certainly won't give me enough questions for me to go on for 2 weeks.

Even Kenny's not one of the regular commenters. Sigh. How sad can that get for desperate addict?


Anyway, I reckon I'm having PMS or something. But then again, I have PMS 1 week before, 1 week during, 1 week after the period. That would make up 3 weeks of PMS and it'll be off-duty only for a week.

I don't know if it's just me or the blogosphere has become really dead for the past few days. Worse than dead actually, a lot of hate going around as well. First, of course, the shits Kenny got. Then XX, whose case has dragged on for long enough already. Quite a few unfriendly posts directed to XX because of that as well. And a few other blogs that I read have not have any uplifting entries for the past few days. Even tomorrow.sg has been putting up very few links. Not sure if it's because of the linking policy thing or it's just that they can't find any nice entries to put up.

So am I the only who thinks this way? Maybe yes lah. If not, can I put the blame on the moon?


Man...someone cheer me up lah.

Posted at 09:55 pm by Red Marbles
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Friday, September 02, 2005
Let's Play Spot-The-Grammatical-Mistakes!

Audioblog at redmarbles.blogspot.com. I'll be udating there for the next 2 weeks.

Lots of grammatical errors.
Lots of repititions.
A few strange pauses.
A few stupid sighs (because I'm very tired right now) that make me sound like I'm engaged in some activity.

Very embarrassing. :)

Posted at 06:04 pm by Red Marbles
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