Entry: - Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I'm always tempted to close my blog since it's all history and nothing really matters now. But then I see one or two comments in my last post and then I'd be all okay I'll hang around a little longer. Still seeing the guy from my last blog post. Well, we broke up once because he realised he didn't want a relationship yada yada and then we got back together and it's sort of all okay now. I think we may be stuck together for a while at least. I am also ill at the moment. So I cooked myself some fish porridge. The salmon was massively undercooked. If I die, I wouldn't even know whether it's my flu or the salmon that caused my death. Well, I probably would...since it would be a slow, painful death that will allow me to have enough time to mull over every bad decision I've made in this lifetime. Including undercooking salmon.


Red Marbles
October 26, 2013   10:57 AM PDT
Thanks :)
October 20, 2013   05:57 PM PDT
Welcome back. Glad you are okay. Been checking in even though you have been quiet. All the best and hope hear from you again soon .
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October 12, 2013   05:45 AM PDT
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