Entry: Am not dead lolz Friday, October 25, 2013

I started out my entry with "I hate stats" but then I decided I don't really want to complain about my work because I think I've done that enough irl. It's people's fault. I don't care if they don't ask me how my work is going but they always do. See I think I'd be blogging more often if I'm not on blogdrive because it's so shit. But every time I attempt to create a new blog, on a different host, it looks different and I don't associate good times with it so I never stick with it. I don't know if I had good times on this blog (I'm kidding, of course I've had, all you 1-3 people still reading me after...I dunno, 8 years or something). It's 11am but I've been awake for long enough that I feel like 1. eating lunch 2. going to sleep. I wish it were 7pm. Because then the bf would be here and we're going for a meal together (and he's meeting some of my other friends). I wonder if I start drinking now I'll be less annoyed at work and get some done. I hate stats.


January 16, 2014   10:51 AM PST
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November 30, 2013   07:44 PM PST
Wow I haven't been back here in ages and I'm so glad to see that there are still entries! Have a great holiday season :)

Red Marbles
November 10, 2013   07:55 PM PST
Bloody blogdrive :P Thanks passerby!
November 9, 2013   01:17 PM PST
Happy Belated Birthday! ! Was trying to be on time but blog drive wasn't accessible.

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