Entry: Where the fuck are you from Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm so sick of race. I used to be a person. But now I am a Chinese. A Singaporean (not that anyone knows what that means besides a Chinese being born in a different country). They're the same thing to most, except to those who know better i.e. Singaporeans/Malaysias/Southeast Asian-ers. I am so sick of explaining myself in terms of my race. Again and again and again and again.

People just simply can't comprehend how fucking annoying the where-are-you-from question is. And then they get all snarky that some races stick together in groups and don't mix around much. They don't get how sometimes, it's just nice to have people of your own nationality/race understand you for you [e.g. because you do this as your job, you have certain friends and family, you like this , you hate that], and not because you're Chinese/Asian and therefore presumably speak Mandarin well, do Maths, can't drink alcohol, eat every meal with chopsticks.

"Where are you from?" [top 5 FAQs]
"Oh, is that in/near China?"
"Singapore is not in China."
"Oh, yea, of course. [but it's probably near China, I mean you are obviously Chinese based on how you look.]"
"I mean, it's not near at all. It's closer to say, Thailand than it is to China."
"Oh, wow, I didn't know that. [that's just weird. Because you're Chinese.]"
"Yea, loads of people seem surprised because they can't get their heads around someone who looks Chinese but isn't typically Chinese. I am Chinese racially, but then Singapore is quite different. We have multiple races in Singapore. We have Malays and Indians too."
"Oh! [*mindblown* BUT YOU'RE CHINESE]"

This conversation can start out via a different way:

"What's your name?" [top 5 FAQs, but understandably]
"Oh, is that a Chinese name?" [top 5 FAQs]
"No. It's a y-type name"
"Oh...[but you're Chinese...what are you doing with a y-type name...] Where are you from?"

And for the 1000th time in my life, the rest of that same, predictable, conversation happens.

I mean, I don't hate my race, of course. I just hate that that's all people identify me as. And then after mind-blowing them and hoping that they would stop lumping me with everyone who looks Chinese, and potentially get some idea of what Singapore is like, they start talking/asking me about Hong Kong.

Seriously, for fuck's sake.


October 26, 2015   07:23 PM PDT
for me personally it makes no difference.
want black and white or brown skin color as long as she well I still love
harga pabx panasonic
October 26, 2015   07:21 PM PDT
indeed not a few people who still discriminate distinguish color.
whereas there are fortunately not because we are all creatures of god
February 4, 2014   12:57 AM PST
GXFC!! Just to let you know I'm still around and occasionally checking in. Perhaps you should consider changing the blogging platform. Blog drive keep showing the wrong pages in the last few months I was here.. Cheers!
November 20, 2013   04:30 PM PST
When I started my job, the official announcement at went to thousands globally said that I'm based in Singapore, China.

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