Entry: Doctor Friday, September 30, 2016

In response to someone who still comes by this blog, yes, I have graduated (few months ago actually). So yes, speaking to you as a doctor. Not the useful kind.

Still impressed that people drop by every now and then. I came today to actually delete this blog and then well, ended up writing here instead.

No, not married. Probably will never be. Still with same guy, if that counts towards anything. He does not make me overwhelming happy, which is what I aspire to have and know is possible because I have had that before. But he's very good for me. He loves me a lot. And responds to my flaws impressively.

I'm still having a quarter life crisis (it's been a 4-6 year quarter-life crisis? think it's just called my life) i.e. not sure whom I am going to end up with, unemployed (and don't even care), depressed, anxious, suicidal.

Hah, can you imagine, I'll be 27 in 2 months' time. Can't even believe I'm saying that on a webpage that I started, what, 10 years ago? When I wasn't even an adult by legal definition. And then it just all happened. 21, 25, and now 27.

And still. Same old. Same fucking old.


Leather Bag Jogja
February 21, 2017   04:46 AM PST
I agree, for the most part, but donít you feel as if the issue is more complex than that?
October 1, 2016   03:04 PM PDT
cheer up...not everything is bad...try to look at the positive aspects in life yea
October 1, 2016   04:15 AM PDT
Great to read your latest blog entry. Nice

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